Attendance & Leave

Attendance and Leave

Coming to school regularly is an integral part of student’s life. This inculcates discipline and regularity in a student which in turn creates moral values and holistic education gained by a child in the school environment. No student will be allowed to enter the class without a leave application if he/she has been absent the previous day.

Leave of absence

1. Students who have been sick for more than 5 days will bring a medical certificate from their doctor on re-joining the school.
2. All students will attend school on the reopening day after each of the vacations. Those absent will be fined at the rate of Rs. 100/- per Dy. Those absent on account of any illness must present a medical certificate before they are admitted to the class.
3) Parents and guardians will appreciate that absence during the term is not in the best interest of the students.
4) In case of absence for 3 continuous days without prior disclosure a telecall will be made by the school on the number provided by the parents asking the whereabouts and the tentative date of joining.
5) Leave for half day should not be taken for security reasons. In emergency, written permission must be taken from the Principal and the Class Teacher.

It is compulsory for all students to maintain regular attendance during the course of the academic session. 75% attendance is mandatory to enable them to appear for the final examination. The percentage, however, could be relaxed on medical grounds. A certificate of merit will be given to students with 100% attendance.

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