History of the School

Welcome to J D Academy Our believe that an education is not only the knowledge but reflecting it also in our daily life we ensure to impart in each student a master of skill of communication, Multicultural and anti-teaching, Knowledgeable and skilled teachers, Collaborative planning, Professional development, Family and community connections, the ability to think clearly logically and independently, real objects rather than books and classroom discussion. We believe to shape our students as an accountable citizen with human dignity.


Dear Parent/ Guardian/ Reader

Through this prospectus which is a glimpse of our J D Academy, we welcome you all to cherish the journey of your child's education. Our primary aim is to meet the needs of every child entrusted to our care. We seek to support each child's individuality and develop everyone's talents. We work together to provide a challenging, engaging, supportive and caring environment. Our aim is to prepare students to amalgamate both traditional and modern facets so that they can cope with contemporary world and bear their mark to make themselves distinguished in the crowd of many.

Aims and Values

☛ Help pupils develop a love of learning.
☛ Provide a broad, balanced, personalised yet creative curriculum.
☛ Have the highest standards in academic, physical and social behaviors.
☛ Provide and maintain a secure, happy carring environment.
☛ Help pupils value the diversity of the world today.
☛ To work in partnership with parents and the wider community.
☛ Allows Children to have a voice and make a difference.


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Published Date : 09/02/2024

Admission Open for 2024-25

Published Date : 10/02/2024

We are hiring PRT, TGT , PGT